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Web Development Course



Build a career in Software engineering by learning how to build web applications. Become a world-class developer.

This course teaches students how to build standards-compliant websites from the ground up with industry standard editors and popular web frameworks, it includes a tour of the user interface and guidance on creating new pages, setting up a logical structure for contents, and generating clear and accessible code. In this course, we do not assume that participants have prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. We take you from ground zero to proficiency.

It teaches students how to speed up the development of professional websites, how to incorporate images, tables and other user interface elements, as well as rapidly customize the look and feel of website.
The final topics explores site management techniques, including adding remote servers, overseeing multiple sites, and validating pages. We will teach the latest web technologies for building interactive and dynamic websites. We will teach you how to connect your website to a database, for authentication and saving data.


Learning Options

Learning Mode Price Course Duration
Online class (Remote) ₦150,000 (One-time Offer) 8 weeks (weekends or weekdays)


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Course details

> Introduction
    Understanding and coding with HTML5 & CSS3
    Understanding the purpose of your website
    Bootstrap framework
> Page structure & layout
    Modern website layout (one page and multi-page)
    Information and content architecture
    Menus and navigation
    Using sections, Divs to identify various section of the page
> Designing responsive web-pages and mobile-friendly websites
    Understanding responsive web design principles
    User experience vs User interface
    Image and web icons management
    Stock photos and image sizing
> Programming web pages
    Advance formatting using HTML tags
    Login and authentication
    Building web forms
    Setting up a local environment for the server-side programming
    Get started with MySQL
    Creating a web application
    CRUD operations
    Setting up a hosting account, Cpanel Management & File management
> Working with databases
    APIs, Storage and retrieval
    Deployment (Production and management)



8 Weeks


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Web Development Instructor

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